Family Support Program

Family Program

When one family member struggles with substance abuse, the whole family system responds and adapts.  Frequently, problematic patterns emerge that may divert the healing process for everyone. We believe it is important for family, friends, and partners to get support for themselves while a loved one is recovering. Family members may experience a great deal of anger, fear, and unhappiness for a prolonged period.  Often, they have been waiting to be heard and understood for many years. At the same time, the client is experiencing significant upheaval and vulnerability and will likely be unable to hear and respond to the family’s pain until stability has been achieved.

In each stage of recovery, we recognize the importance of whole-family healing and offer a therapeutic and supportive setting to begin that healing process. During the first phase of treatment, family members benefit dramatically from receiving education about the process of healing and recovery, both for their loved one and themselves.

Our family program provides education and coaching, including evidence-based skills to support family members in this early phase and throughout the recovery process.  We bring a keen awareness to the stages of change that the enrolled client is undertaking and recognize that each Phase of recovery offers an opportunity for “whole family” healing and growth. 

Family Program

In each stage of recovery, we recognize the importance of whole-family healing and offer a therapeutic and supportive setting to begin that healing process.

Family Workshop

Our one-day family workshop offers family members the chance to experience some aspects of the program while connecting with others who have walked a similar path (or shared in a similar journey?). The Workshop focuses on breaking long-standing, maladaptive patterns of functioning to allow for healing and repair for the family member, as well as the whole family system. Areas of focus include the importance of self-care, healing emotional pain, facilitation of healthy communication, and recognizing and changing old relational patterns that keep you stuck in the past. Cost of workshop is included with each client’s tuition and includes a follow-up family therapy session to help put these tools into practice. Snacks, refreshments, and lunch are provided.

Family Support Program

Family Therapy Sessions

Family therapy sessions are offered as needed to support the needs of the partners and families of our clients. Areas of focus are limited to the recovery process and can involve:

Family coaching through a loved one’s recovery

Assistance resolving residual emotions from previous loved one’s using behaviors

Future planning for recovery

Building healthier communication skills

“The best thing for me was the fact that everyone in the group actually wants to quit using. The group is not filled with people that have been court ordered to go to therapy and have no real interest in quitting using. I also like the fact that this isn’t a 12 step program.”

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Contact Us

If you would like more information about our program or would like to arrange for an appointment please call 206-547-1955.

Please note—we are available by appointment only and groups are not open to the public. Please call us to set up an appointment to learn more about our program or to visit our offices.

Our program is located in a Historic Seattle Community Center in Wallingford—surrounded by 11 acres of gardens and park.

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