Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention

In 2007, A Positive Alternative participated in a Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention pilot project through the University of Washington Psychology Department. The project is headed by one of the most internationally well known and respected researchers and authors within the Addiction field, Professor G. Alan Marlatt, Ph.D. (Please see his book Mindfulness for Addiction Problems).

Due to the overwhelmingly positive feedback from our clients, we have added a Mindfulness component to all of our programs. Mindfulness has been shown to be highly effective in preventing relapse to addictive behavior.

Mindfulness classes teach a basic set of practical skills in deliberately noticing what is going on both in and outside the body. This gentle, non-judgmental awareness leads to a greater tolerance of all forms of discomfort or unhappiness.

Practicing Mindfulness promotes new thought patterns that typically lead to renewed vitality, sense of personal power and a highly improved ability to avoid relapse.

Madelon Y. Bolling, MA, PhD., is a licensed clinical psychologist with a private practice, and an instructor and supervisor at the University of Washington.

Madelon has long studied relapse prevention and the application of mindfulness to stress reduction. She was trainer and supervisor to the therapists on the UW Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention research project. Her personal practice of various types of meditation began in 1968, and she has been a practicing member with local Zen groups since 1983.