Men's Recovery Program

Outpatient Treatment

If you're thinking about seeking help for your drinking or drug use . . . this may be a time when you're feeling very discouraged. You may feel out of control about the amount or frequency of your drinking, embarrassed about your behavior under the influence, or discouraged about your efforts to change.

You may know that stopping drinking or drug use is in your best interest, yet feel overwhelmed and unable to decide to stop and to stick with that decision. You may have tried to change before, yet talked yourself right back into the problem.

That's where treatment helps. Trying to quit on your own is the hard way to do it. For some people it's impossible.

You're working at a disadvantage if you don't know or haven't mastered the psychological coping tools that research has shown work with abuse & addiction patterns. You have to work at least twice as hard to achieve half as much when you try to figure out all the answers for yourself.

You don't have to reinvent the wheel.

We can show you the short cuts, give you the hints, point you in the right direction-without telling you what to do. We work as partners with you to help you meet your goals.

Stopping drinking or drug use may seem simple, but it's not.

Most people have other issues that muddy up the picture-so that you might not even know for sure if alcohol is the main problem.

Depression, anxiety, frequent or extreme anger, relationship problems, work dissatisfaction, stress, problems with goal setting-these frequently go along with heavy alcohol or drug use.

It's very hard to figure out which came first and how they intertwine without expert help. That's why all our therapists have such an extensive mental health background that complements their addiction expertise. A drinking problem doesn't just stand on its own-it mixes in with the rest of your life. We believe it's necessary for your well being that all these issues be addressed by professionals who are equipped to assist you with more than "just" your drinking.

To talk with a therapist about our Men's Program, call us at (206) 547-1955. The skills you will develop are not learned on just an intellectual level-you'll be learning and using them on an emotional level as well-all within a safe, supportive, comfortable environment.

» Please explore our Holistic Approach page for information on our Wellness and Mindfulness programs.

In addition you will find information on evidence-based therapeutic methods that are standard in our treatment.

Please contact us to discuss whether our approach would be a good fit for you. (206) 547-1955