How We Are Different

We believe that strong recovery is based upon a client’s sense of empowerment and choice.

Our alternative addiction treatment blends the best of evidence-based mental health and addictions therapy.

We believe that every client is unique—and treated as such.

We operate entirely separate men’s and women’s programs because they’re more effective for our clients.

We promote healthy life skills and sober support networks as opposed to “AA is the only way.”
We use Motivation Enhancement instead of the labeling and confrontation often found in a traditional 12-step approach.
We offer a comprehensive therapeutic approach for highly motivated participants.
Our therapists have Masters level training and decades of experience in both mental health and addictions.

We’re optimistic about our clients’ success—and have good reason to be:

Women's Recovery Program

One of the most outstanding elements of our alternative addiction treatment program is that we very carefully screen our clients so that they will get the maximum benefit from our methods and will be open to the kind of change necessary to make long-term improvements in their lives.

Women's Recovery Program

Our outpatient substance abuse treatment clients are high-functioning in a minimum of two ways: (1) They are independent thinkers who share an interest in learning more and do not thrive in a system that fosters a simplified version of addiction; and
(2) They have specifically sought out a group in which they are able to be open, honest and supportive of their fellow group members.

Women's Recovery Program

We develop close, trusting relationships with our clients that often result in strong bonds over many years. Part of that trust is built on our clients understanding that we support their alternative addiction recovery journey and partner with them to work on their challenges. Because that trusting relationship is a core component of how we work, we do not accept court related cases. Our relationship with our clients is a therapeutic one and we don’t want that compromised by any reporting requirements outlined by court or employers.

Women's Recovery Program
We believe it is important to limit our group size to a more typical “therapy” group size, often with 5-7 participants and a maximum of 8. This supports our belief that smaller groups are more effective, more personal and allow the chance for clients to engage in a safe and therapeutic environment. The result is a dynamic, generous group of people who are excited by their journey to live life free of addiction or abuse of alcohol and substances.

The word most used by our clients in describing their experience with us is “transformative”.

“I like the fact that instead of rigidity adhering to a doctrine (i.e. 12 steps), it is flexible and individual, group members receive help based on what they actually need. Different people need different strategies and this program does an excellent job.”

— Male, 50