For Alumni

We began alumni activities because we believe that building a supportive community is a cornerstone of maintaining sobriety. Many who come to A Positive Alternative are not interested in participating in AA, and it is essential that they find ongoing community support when they complete treatment with us. We have an active Alumni community for graduates of our program with regular peer-led support groups and occasional events. Alumni meetings are coordinated and run by volunteer graduates and are intended to help members stay connected with others who are living substance-free lives.

Recent graduates of our program find it helpful to have a group to keep them connected, and to reinforce recently learned skills. Much of that is accomplished at the peer-led group, with guidance from those who have been sober longer. At the same time, members who have maintained sobriety may see the issues they are facing changing. Some see a shift in their interests and values, and must make adjustments in their daily activities or belief systems. Alumni members enjoy the opportunity to discuss these changes with others who may be experiencing the same things. Regular check-ins with a close-knit group strongly supports permanent, lifelong abstinence, and is a great motivation for those who may be struggling with maintaining sobriety.

In addition to peer-led meetings, we host a few events a year and invite our alumni to attend. We are thrilled to have many people with over 10 years of sobriety returning to meet new alumni members, re-connect with their therapists, and enjoy the company and support of people who share many of the same experiences in recovery and in life.

In addition to our peer-led group, alumni are able to participate in Mindfulness practice led by the instructor. This is open to all our graduates who have completed the 4-class Mindfulness series. Once the classes are complete, participants are able to return to the practice sessions once a week at no charge. Many people find a great deal of help in practicing Mindfulness to overcome urges and near-lapses.

For those alumni who are interested in Mindfulness but have not been able to participate in the classes, please call our offices to inquire about our next series.