Because we are not available for crisis intervention, we've listed resources in the community you can call immediately if you are experiencing a non-medical crisis.

  • Crisis Clinic: 206-461-3210
  • Alcohol and Drug Hotline: 206-722-3700


There are a number of non-12 step self-help groups available to the public. Ones we are most familiar with are:

Buddhist Recovery Network
Web site

LSR ~ feRing Secular Recovery
Web site

Refuge Recovery
Web site

S.K.I.P. ~ Sobriety - Knowledge is Power
Email Contact

SMART Recovery ~ Self Management Recovery Training
Web site

SOS ~ Secular Organization for Sobriety
Web site   ~   Email Contact

If you'd like additional materials to read, please see our Suggested Readings page.


Suggested Readings & Programs

Welcome to our Book List Page

We are happy to suggest books that we have used, recommended, and have informed us for many years. You will find some that are classics, others that are more for the hands-on experience of a "workbook", and others that are the newest and most innovative.

Looking at each link will provide you an overview that helps further define our program and the areas that interest us. Stay tuned. Our reading and research and suggestions are regularly evolving.

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