The APA Calendars are now available online! The calendars can be viewed on a computer or via a smartphone. To view the calendars on your computer browser, go to the following links:

Women’s Program Calendar

Men’s Program Calendar

Telehealth Calendar

How to Use the Calendars

To view the calendar on your smartphone, we recommend using the TeamUp app instead of the mobile browser. The TeamUp app provides smoother navigation and eliminates issues when viewing the calendar on mobile browsers. Both Apple iOS and Android are supported. Getting started is easy!

Install the Teamup Calendar by Teamup Solutions AG on your Apple or Android smartphone.

Launch the app. You will be prompted to add a calendar key on the Add Calendar screen – please use the following calendar key specific to your program:

Women’s Program: ksyj72tta9moin5s84
Men’s Program: ksvevh2gry1yw8po1i
Women’s Telehealth: ksdaoodv1acmcpuwz4

This will add all the events on the APA Women’s, Men’s or Telehealth calendar.

“The combination of structured and flexible group environment was great—the understanding and flexibility of the counselor (and program) which allowed incorporation of real life needs with the group needs.”

— Female, 41