How We Are Different

We believe that strong recovery is based upon a client's sense of empowerment and choice.

We blend the best of evidence-based mental health and addictions therapy.

We believe that every client is unique—and treated as such.

We operate entirely separate men's and women's programs because they're more effective for our clients.

We promote healthy life skills and sober support networks as opposed to "AA is the only way."

We use Motivation Enhancement instead of the traditional 12-step approach of strong confrontation and labeling.

We offer a comprehensive therapeutic approach for highly motivated participants rather than treatment that is primarily for meeting legal or court requirements.

Our therapists have Masters level training and decades of experience in both mental health and addictions.

We're optimistic about our clients' success—and have good reason to be:

  • One of the most outstanding elements of our program is that we very carefully screen our clients so that they will get the maximum benefit from our methods and will be open to the kind of change necessary to make long-term improvements in their lives.
  • All our clients are high-functioning in a minimum of two ways: (1) They are intelligent and able to comprehend a more complex view of reality, and in fact want to know more, rather than a simplified version of addiction; and (2) They have specifically sought out a group in which they are able to be open, honest and supportive of their fellow group members.
  • 90% of our clients are self or therapist referred rather than court referred. While we are Washington State Certified to provide court referred treatment, we carefully screen the individuals we accept into our programs. By making it clear that ours is a true therapy experience, we are able to maintain the high quality of our groups. Individuals who simply want to go through the motions of fulfilling court requirements quickly discover that this is not the program for them. The result is a dynamic, generous group of people who are excited by their journey to live life free of addiction or abuse of alcohol and substances.

Please contact us to discuss whether our approach would be a good fit for you. (206) 547-1955