Frequently Asked Questions

Q. The Women's Recovery Center is an all women's program. Is this an anti-men group?

Absolutely not... It's just that research has consistently shown that all-women groups are by far the most successful for women. In part that's because most outpatient "mixed" groups consist of 9 or 10 men and only 1 or 2 women. Women typically do not feel safe or comfortable talking openly in that environment. In addition, the issues that women must deal with in recovery are often different from men's. An all-women group can spend all its time focusing on the aspects of recovery most likely to be important to women.

Q. Why is there a separate men's program? What's wrong with women being in the group? Many of my good friends are women.

Men typically drink for different reasons and in different ways than women do. They frequently have relationships in their lives that they have difficulty with. Discussing relationship issues and solutions are a key part of effective treatment. For these topics as well as many others, we have found that men and women both achieve more personal growth, more quickly, in groups of their own gender.

Q. What if I like AA? Are you against AA or the 12-step program?

Many of our clients use Alcoholics Anonymous or another 12-step program, and we absolutely support using AA if you find it helps you. We encourage everyone to explore meetings if they have not done that, and have suggestions for a number of meetings that graduates of our program have identified as being particularly good.

Nothing in our treatment program contradicts the use of AA. Those who use AA find that A Positive Alternative enhances their recovery process.

On the other hand, our method of treatment is complete without the use of AA. We believe that people are individuals, and that there's no such thing as "one-size-fits-all." We listen to your preferences, build on your strengths, help you identify and develop the tools you'll need to continue to grow--long after you've graduated from our program. We use what works. For some of our clients, AA is part of what works. For others, it's not. The important thing is that we'll help you to find a path where you can live a satisfying life--free of dependency on alcohol or other drugs.

Q. What if I'm not sure I want to quit drinking or using forever?

You don't have to be sure. Most people are ambivalent about the idea of quitting. It's a very hard decision to make. If you decide to come to A Positive Alternative for help in deciding what, if anything, to do about your drinking we won't label or push you. We'll listen, and help you to think it through. Together, we'll look at all the aspects of your relationship to alcohol or drugs. We'll explore your options, and give you some guidance to help you come to a decision that you can live with. And if you do decide you want to stop drinking or drug use, we'll give you some very effective tools so that you can.

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